Simulation technology is becoming a major component of nursing education programs throughout the world. Many schools are investing major sums of money into this technology. The question though is if this technology really impacts nursing student’s education. To discover this we must look at both the strengths and weaknesses to simulation. Some of the strengths include that it is cost-effective for teaching multidisciplinary care, it allows easy access for student’s to practice their skills and it is accommodating to individual pace of learning. The weaknesses of simulation include the high cost, the limited physical interactivity, its dependence on availability of human instructors and the limited experiential learning. To determine whether one sees simulation as either being an integral part of nursing education or not, one must weigh the strengths and weaknesses and decide for themselves what side they stand on.

Through weighing both sides of simulation I have decided that I think simulation is an integral part of my nursing education. For me the simulation technology I have used has allowed me to practice many of my nursing skills in a safe and non-threatening environment. The simulation also allows me to practice critical thinking, decision making and working as a team with other student’s. Although the investment of simulation technology is very expensive I believe it is definitely worth the cost. As a student I can safely practice my skills with a simulator who has human qualities including speaking, a heart rate, blood pressure, etc. I am allowed to make mistakes with the simulator and learn from them, which is not always the case when you make a mistake on a human being. Simulation allows me to correct my mistakes before I go into clinical so that I can care for the human client with my improved skills that I established on the simulator. As the years go on I believe simulation technology will continue and also increase in numbers in nursing programs across the globe.

I realize that this blog does not give you everything you need to know about simulation so I suggest you visit a PowerPoint presentation about simulation at This PowerPoint presentation looks at the role of simulation in nursing education as well as regulation of simulation. Overall, this presentation looks at the strengths and weaknesses simulation, surveys of boards of nursing on simulation use, describes a study being conducted on simulation in nursing education and the rationale for simulation. I encourage those who are trying to form an opinion on simulation to visit this PowerPoint presentation as it will provide you with a large amount of factual information on simulation.